M3DIUM Studio is a NFT curator focused on highlighting undergraduate art and design that I co-founded with Arlo Walker and Lars Delin. Our first collaboration is with students from the Rhode Island School of Design. We are currently putting together our first drop, which is made up of work from current and recently graduated RISD painters, photographers, graphic designers, scultors, industrial designers, textile designers, animators, fashion designers, and 3D artists.

As the lead graphic designer behind the M3DIUM brand, I designed the brand identity and website, and made the logo with Arlo Walker.

We released our first drop (M3DIUM x RISD) on OpenSea on March 14th, 2022. Since the release on OpenSea we have been featured on their homepage under ‘Notable Drops’.

Click here to view the M3DIUM x RISD collection on OpenSea!

Click here to view the M3DIUM Studio website! 

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